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Nov 3rd Election Information–Charlottesville City

General Election for the Offices of United States President, United States Senate and United States House of Representatives

  • In-Person Early Voting Begins:  Friday, September 18, 2020
  • Last Day to Register:  Tuesday, October 13, 2020
  • Last Day to Request Mail Ballot:  Friday, October 23, 2020

Go to the Charlottesville City Voter Registration Website for absentee ballot and voter information

Latest GOP News

  • RPV Drive-thru Convention, Saturday 15 August 2020 (8/11/2020) - Charlottesville certified delegates will cast their ballots at Madison County High School between 9am and 3pm.  Click on article link to access sample ballot and directions. Post expires at 5:02pm on Wednesday August 11th, 2021
  • Bob Good secures Republican Congressional nomination (6/24/2020) - Fauquier Times (June 15, 2020) Bob Good emerged as the Republican Party’s nominee for the 5th Congressional District seat after a nominating convention on Saturday, unseating incumbent Congressman Denver Riggleman. Good received 58% of the weighted vote total, and 60% of the raw total of votes, after 2,537 delegates cast …

Past News

  • Good vs Riggleman: Saturday Convention to Settle the Matter (6/9/2020) - Daily Progress article (9 June 2020).
  • 5th District GOP denies Riggleman venue appeal (5/28/2020) - 5th District GOP denies Riggleman venue appeal, Daily Progress coverage of 5th District Committee meeting, 26 May 2020.
  • Chairman interview, Rob Schilling Show, May 20th 2020 (5/20/2020) - https://soundcloud.com/1070wina/the-schilling-show-52020-dan-moy-nathaniel-and-james-murphy Post expires at 2:01pm on Thursday May 20th, 2021
  • June 13th 5th District Convention (5/12/2020) - On May 11th, the 5th District Committee met to determine the path forward for the District Convention (postponed from April 25th due to the COVID-19 situation).  A modified (drive through) Convention will now be held on Saturday, June 13th at a single location–Tree of Life Ministries–in Lynchburg, VA (or alternate location if required).  The Charlottesville Republican …
  • June 23rd Primary (5/6/2020) - Due to the COVID-19 situation, all voters are encouraged to request a mailed absentee ballot for the June 23rd Primary using reason code 2A.  In this Primary, Republicans are selecting their U.S. Senate candidate to run against Senator Mark Warner.  Candidates are Daniel Gade, Thomas Speciale, and Alissa Baldwin.  Most …
  • 5th District Convention Postponed (5/5/2020) - 5th District Convention postponed, date TBD. Primary delayed to June 23rd...

Republican Creed of Virginia

We believe:

  • That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice
  • That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society
  • That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government,
    That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations
  • That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense
  • That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation

Republican National Party Platform of 2016

The delegates to the Republican National Convention adopted the Official 2016 Republican Party Platform.  The Platform declares the Party’s principles and policies.